Regional solutions working in Norwich & Sprague

By State Senator Cathy Osten and Chris LaRose For longer than most people can remember, the term ‘regionalization’ has been thrown around government and political circles as a theoretical if not sensible way to solve problems in Connecticut. With 169 municipalities in a relatively small state, we’ve always been told, communities sharing their resources can 

NPU releases first Community Impact Report Community Impact Report

On behalf of Norwich Public Utilities (NPU), we are pleased to present our first Community Impact Report to articulate the many ways that we work with and for our customers and community. The report can be found on the NPU website. The report includes information and statistics on the wide range of investments, projects, performance 

14 NPU Commercial customers earn $68,500 in rebates in Q2

During the second quarter of 2019, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) worked with 14 Commercial customers on energy efficiency projects that will result in significant savings in the months ahead. Twelve of the customers, including four churches in Norwich, install light-emitting diode lights (LEDs) that use significantly less energy that traditional lightbulbs. The 14 customers will 

NPU completes five-year strategic plan

Over the past several months, the NPU Board of Commissioners and staff worked to develop a five year strategic plan to guide our organization. The plan, which was formally approved by the Board in May, will guide our decision making process as we seek to work in a more open and efficient manner for our 

From Djibouti safely back to NPU

Utility recognized by U.S. Navy for support of active duty employee following his deployment to Djibouti for nearly a year. When Eric McDermott, the Electric Operations Integrity Manager for Norwich Public Utilities (NPU), was called from reserve to active duty by the United States Navy, he knew that he would be making a number of 

NPU proposes FY2020 budget with no rate increases

On Tuesday, March 26, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) presented our Board of Commissioners with a draft budget for Fiscal Year 2020. The NPU Board will review our submission very closely and ask NPU staff for additional information in the weeks ahead. NPU will provide the Norwich City Council with a budget overview on April 5 

NPU’s customers could see $2.857 million in rate relief over next 5 years with enhanced partnership with CMEEC

In March, the Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) Board of Commissioners voted to approve the reallocation of ownership of micro-generation projects developed by the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (CMEEC) after Wallingford Electric exited the project. Pending approval by the CMEEC Board, NPU’s ownership percentage in the project will increase from 21.7% to 30.7%, which will 

NPU provides TRCC with $95,018 rebate for 2-year, LED lighting upgrade project

College will also reduce annual energy costs by $55,366 by replacing 8,575 bulbs In January, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) awarded Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) with a rebate of $95,018 following the successful completion of a facility-wide upgrade of its interior lighting. The budget for this project was $271,480, with NPU’s Lighting Retrofit Program providing 

9 NPU Commercial customers earn $159,091 in rebates for Q1

During the first three months of 2019, nine Commercial customers earned $159,091 in rebates from NPU by investing in energy efficient upgrades and improvements in their businesses. The companies invested a total of $572,116 to modernize and upgrade their operations and facilities and as a result, they will save $195,000 on their annual energy costs.