NPU Business Model

Norwich Public Utilities operates under municipal ownership, which means that it is owned by its customers and the City of Norwich. NPU turns over 10% of its total billings to the city’s general fund. That typically amounts to between 7 and 8 million dollars every year. The city, in turn, can use this money to support the community.

NPU has a cost-based business model. Customers pay rates that reflect the cost of the services provided, not simply what customers are willing to pay. This is different from investor-owned utilities, where profits may be maximized for return to individual investors. In contrast, NPU’s municipal ownership returns profit directly to the community it serves.

A five-member Norwich Board of Public Utilities Commissioners governs Norwich Public Utilities. This board also serves as the Sewer Authority. Members are appointed by the City Council and serve five-year terms. Living in the community as your neighbors, NPU’s commissioners understand the needs of Norwich and are responsible to all the citizens.

Citizens are encouraged to speak out on utility issues. Each month, at the start of the regular Commission meeting, a public comment period is held. This forum provides our customers a chance to speak face to face with the Board and discuss utility-related projects, ask questions, and voice any concerns.

For board meeting minutes, agendas and information, click here.