Converting to Natural Gas

Choosing Natural Gas for your home

Whether you are thinking about converting to natural gas in your home, or have already made the decision, we want to make the process easy for you. Our goal is to have natural gas installed in your home quickly, efficiently, and safely — with minimum disruption to your home and property.

The first step is to contact us!! Our staff will answer all your questions and provide you will all the facts you need to make this decision. We will explain the many benefits of natural gas, inform you of the various money-saving incentives, rebates, and low-interest loans available to make this the most economical choice for you, and outline all the steps in the process. But we won’t stop there. We will remain available to work directly with you through the entire process. Our job isn’t finished until the gas is installed and you are fully satisfied with the work that was done.

Call us at 860-887-2555 or email for more information. Not sure if you have gas available to your home? We can answer that for you as well.

NPU has partnered with the Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority to launch a comprehensive program that combines financial incentives, low-interest loans, and competitive pricing for converting your home to Natural Gas.

For a limited time, get 2.99% low-interest financing from Smart E-Loans to convert from oil or propane. There’s never been a better time to switch to natural gas! Click here to learn more.

For more information about NPU’s gas expansion program, click on the “Why use natural gas” link below.

Why use natural gas?

For step-by-step details about the installation procedure, click here.

When installing a natural gas service, there are specific guidelines to follow to determine where the gas meter should be located. To help homeowners and contractors understand where, or more importantly where not, a gas meter will be located please read the appropriate guidelines:

  1. Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Gas Meter Installation (pdf)
  2. Contractor’s Guide to Natural Gas Meter Installation (pdf)

Natural Gas Incentive and Rebate Forms (contact NPU for more information):

  1. Residential Natural Gas Contract – New Customers
  2. Residential Natural Gas Contract – Existing Customers
  3. Residential Natural Gas Contract – Customers on State Roads
  4. Residential Natural Gas Contract – Customers on Newly Paved Roads
  5. Natural Gas Service Request Form
  6. Natural Gas Incentive Request
  7. Natural Gas High-Efficiency Equipment Rebate Form
  8. Smart-e Loan Program
  9. Smart-e Eligibility and Loan Options