What is CHIPP?  An incentive program aiming to help our existing electric customers, regardless of their current heating source,  convert to a more energy-efficient electric heat pump system.  A heat pump system not only heats your home efficiently during cold weather months but also provides central air cooling during the heat of the summer. 

Why should you participate?  Effective July 1, 2021, NPU will provide participants a $2,400 per ton rebate toward the purchase and installation of a heat pump, plus up to $2,000 for integrated controls (labor and materials) and up to $1,100 for a heat pump water heater.  A heat pump can reduce your heating and cooling energy costs for years to come.   

Depending on the size of the system required for your house or place of business, this rebate can contribute up to 55% of the cost of a new system.  You can also finance your new system through several financial institutions offering attractive rates for those who qualify.   

How does the program work? Interested customers  complete a short interest form online at rebrand.ly/CHIPP4NPU (mobile-friendly) or email NPU atefficiencymatters@npumail.com.  To speak to Mary Lou Rychling about this program, call 860-823-4143.  Applicants will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis until participation goals have been met, or June 30, 2023. 

To receive a CHIPP rebate, please follow this simple 6-step process:

Step 1 (Optional)

If you haven’t had an energy audit by Lantern Energy at the installation location within the last two years, we recommend scheduling a free Home Energy Savings (HES) audit with Lantern Energy.  Contact Lantern Energy at 1-877-878-3006 or “Schedule an Assessment” at LanternEnergy.com.   Be sure to mention it’s part of CHIPP.  If you are unsure if or when you had an energy audit, contact Lantern for assistance. 

Step 2 

Contact one or more licensed contractors to obtain quote(s) for the installation of a NEEPcertified Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump.   

  • Residential customers who require financing can contact any of the following lenders: 

A)  CorePlusCredit Union – Tammy Bragdon860886-0576, ext. 3178 

B)  Eastern CT Savings Bank –  860-425-0123

C)  Energize Connecticut – Find more information about Smart-E loans at energizect.com/your-home/solutions-list/smarte or ask your contractor how to apply for a Smart-E Loan. 

D)  Your contractor may also have additional financing options available.  

  • Small business customers who require financing should contact NPU to determine financing options. 

Step 3 

Compile your fuel use data for the last two years.  If you don’t have this information, your oil or propane supplier should be able to provide it to you.  You can continue onto Step 4 while you work to compile this information. 

 Step 4 

Once you decide on a contractor and heat pump system, submit Part A of the rebate application form to NPU with the installation quote attached. The quote must specify the equipment make, model, and size. NPU will review and confirm that the proposed system qualifies for the rebate. Check your e-mail for an approval notification from NPU.  

  • Ask the contractor to provide you with a heat loss calculation (Manual J or Manual D report).  This will ensure the quoted system is sized properly for your home or business. 

Step 5 

After you receive approval from NPU you can schedule the installation of the heat pump system with your contractor. 

Step 6 

Following the installation, submit Part B of the rebate application to NPU with the following documentation attached:  

  • A dated and itemized invoice showing proof of purchase and installation. The invoice must detail the equipment type, size, make and model, serial number of the system, date of purchase and must show that it is paid in full.  The equipment installed must match the quote submitted with Part A. 
  • Manufacturer’s specification sheets with equipment make, model, and size (from the contractor). 
  • Two prior years of fuel use documentation.

 You will receive the rebate after we review and confirm that all required documents have been received.  Incomplete applications will result in a delayed rebate. 

Download the Program Details & Rebate Forms for additional information or to get started!