DPH Consent Agreement

Public Notification – Failure to comply with Order DWS-16-104-044.

This notification is related to our missing of deadline in filing paperwork to extend a project completion date.

This Public Notification has no impact on water quality as NPU has been completely compliant with all requirements for nearly 4.5 years.

For more information about this notification, contact Larry Sullivan at 860-823-4131.

Update – December 2022:

In February 2017, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) entered into a Consent Agreement with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health (DPH), requiring that we notify customers of improvements being made to our water system to address an ongoing water quality issue.

Since 2015, NPU has occasionally failed to meet the Stage 2 Disinfection Byproduct Rule at all locations throughout our water distribution system. Disinfection byproducts develop when microscopic levels of naturally occurring organic material remain in the drinking water after the purification process and react with chlorine used for their elimination and overall system disinfection.

From time to time, NPU has experienced exceedances of the disinfection byproducts threshold level of 80 parts per billion. Exceedances have typically occurred at one or two locations in the system by values of 1 to 9 parts per billion (this exceedance is the equivalent of 1 to 9 cents per $1,000,000). When these exceedances occur, NPU notifies our customers and posts information on our website.