14 NPU Commercial customers earn $68,500 in rebates in Q2

During the second quarter of 2019, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) worked with 14 Commercial customers on energy efficiency projects that will result in significant savings in the months ahead.

Twelve of the customers, including four churches in Norwich, install light-emitting diode lights (LEDs) that use significantly less energy that traditional lightbulbs.

The 14 customers will save an aggregate of $43,256 on their lighting costs as a result of upgrading or installing LED bulbs; the overall investment by the customers was $168,106.

NPU has also been working with a number of City departments and agencies on improving their energy efficiency. The Norwich Free Academy continues to make significant progress toward replacing older lighting with LED fixtures across campus.

For information on how your company can save money on energy costs, contact Fawn Walker at NPU at 860.823.4135 or fawnwalker@npumail.com.