August 4, 2022 – As statewide drought conditions persist, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) is asking their residential and commercial customers to make reasonable adjustments to their water use until conditions in the region improve.

“While this is not an urgent request, we are asking our customers to help us manage through the current conditions and cut back their water use whenever they can over the next 4-5 weeks,” said Chris LaRose, General Manager of NPU. “If we can get a large number of customers to make a few small adjustments in their daily routines, we can minimize the impact of the drought on our water supply.”

NPU’s two reservoirs are tracking slightly below their 5-year normal cycle and are at 82.8 % of overall storage capacity; the utility currently has approximately 262 days of in place.

NPU continues to closely monitor its reservoir levels, daily consumer demands, and internal water uses.

NPU is asking the public to consider the following tips for conserving water in the days ahead:

  • Turn off sprinklers for the season – if you must water your lawn, limit it to once a week.
  • Postpone the planting of any new lawns or vegetation. If you must plant, choose drought-resistant options.
  • Refrain from any unnecessary or wasteful uses of water, such as rinsing sidewalks, driveways, or patios.
  • Run dishwashers or washing machines with full loads only.
  • Do not leave a faucet running when washing dishes, shaving, brushing teeth, and washing hands.
  • Take shorter showers; reduce your time in the shower by one minute a day until you are in and out of the shower in under five minutes.
  • Avoid power washing homes and buildings and washing vehicles.
  • Fix any leaks in and around your home or business immediately.