NPU secures state funding for climate resilience projects

On June 19, 2023, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced $8.8 million in state funding for climate resilience projects in 17 across the state. The funding includes more than $1.1 million for Norwich Public Utilities to support two projects.

Norwich Public Utilities will receive $650,000 to design a wall to protect the Bean Hill Substation from river flooding. After several flooding events, NPU has been working to determine the best approach to harden its electrical infrastructure against the impacts of climate change.

Given that the Bean Hill Substation is located within the 100-year flood plain, a single significant weather event could impact the facility and potentially disrupt power for thousands of NPU customers.

The funding announced by the Governor will support the engineering – but not construction – for potential improvements. Engineering will include:

  • Site studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental compliance
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Grant writing for construction funding

NPU will also receive $485,000 for site and engineering studies, along with necessary federal grant application studies, related to relocating the Shipping Street sewage pump station out of the flood zone of the Thames River.

The existing Shipping Street Pumping Station was built in the early 1970s; it is outdated and small, and has been impacted by flooding over the years. The funding announced by the Governor will allow NPU to evaluate the right size and a better location for a new pump station that will be flood-resistant.

A new pump station will mean improved water quality in the Thames River and ultimately Long Island Sound – while supporting future economic development along Shipping Street in the years to come. This upgrade is also an important component of NPU’s Long-term Control Plan.