NPU customers targeted by scammers

Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) is warning customers to be on guard from phone scammers who are identifying themselves as working with or on behalf of the utility. NPU has received reports from numerous customers who have been contacted by individuals posing as legitimate vendors.

The scammers are trying to collect on past-due bills and threatening to shut off service unless a credit card payment is made through a third party provider within an hour.

NPU urges customers to keep in mind:

  • Only customers who have been contacted by NPU through the mail about a past-due account will be contacted by phone; no NPU vendor has the authorization or ability to shut off power to a customer.
  • NPU does not require a customer to sign up for a third-party payment provider in order to pay their bills.
  • Customers should never provide their account number or any other personal information to an unknown party.

To report suspected fraudulent activity, NPU customers should contact the Norwich Police Department at 860.886.5561 (Ex. 6).

For any bill-related questions, customers should contact NPU at 860.887.2555.