Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) will begin the annual flushing of its water system for the year on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 and expects to have the work complete by the end of September.

NPU will flush its water system by opening hydrants throughout its service area with initial focus on the mains that feed larger service areas in Norwich. Once complete, localized flushing of smaller mains in neighborhoods will take place throughout the summer and fall.

This year’s work is starting on Otrabando Avenue at West Town Street and will then move across to the lower end of Connecticut Avenue toward the Norwich Business Park.  The flushing will then continue on West Town Street to Lee Avenue.

NPU will provide regular updates on the status and schedule of this important project on its Facebook page in the weeks ahead.

There are 1,385 hydrants on the NPU system and the utility is scheduled to flush approximately half this summer as part of a multi-year cycle. In almost all instances, this work, which is done by NPU crews, will take place between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

The flushing of a water system on a regular basis helps remove sediments that build up within its pipes and ensures that NPU customers will be delivered water with sufficient oxygen, disinfectant levels and an acceptable taste and smell.

During and immediately after the flushing of the NPU water system, customers may experience a slight and short-term discoloration of their water. Customers are advised to open their cold water tap and allow the water to run for several minutes at full velocity which should resolve the issue. It is possible for these issues to arise anywhere on the NPU water system while the flushing process is underway.

For any concerns, customers are encouraged to contact the NPU Customer Service Center at 860.887.2555.