Annual gas infrastructure safety inspection underway

In May NPU began its annual process of undertaking the federally mandated safety inspections of customer natural gas service lines and meters. The survey takes about four months to complete.

Precision Pipeline Solutions (PPS) was hired to complete this survey; all PPS employees will have an NPU placard on their vehicles along with NPU contractor identification.

The safety survey consists of a technician walking over the service line with instrumentation that detects any natural gas leaks and then visually inspecting the above-ground equipment on the exterior of a building.

Due to the health and safety requirements put in place by the State of Connecticut in response to COVID-19, the survey will only include outside service equipment at this time.

The PPS technician will not attempt to gain access into any buildings. The surveys typically take no longer than ten minutes to complete and require no interaction between a customer and the technician while COVID-19 precautions are in effect.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact NPU Customer Service at 860-887-2555.