NPU proposes FY2020 budget with no rate increases

On Tuesday, March 26, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) presented our Board of Commissioners with a draft budget for Fiscal Year 2020. The NPU Board will review our submission very closely and ask NPU staff for additional information in the weeks ahead. NPU will provide the Norwich City Council with a budget overview on April 5 

NPU’s customers could see $2.857 million in rate relief over next 5 years with enhanced partnership with CMEEC

In March, the Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) Board of Commissioners voted to approve the reallocation of ownership of micro-generation projects developed by the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (CMEEC) after Wallingford Electric exited the project. Pending approval by the CMEEC Board, NPU’s ownership percentage in the project will increase from 21.7% to 30.7%, which will 

NPU provides TRCC with $95,018 rebate for 2-year, LED lighting upgrade project

College will also reduce annual energy costs by $55,366 by replacing 8,575 bulbs In January, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) awarded Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) with a rebate of $95,018 following the successful completion of a facility-wide upgrade of its interior lighting. The budget for this project was $271,480, with NPU’s Lighting Retrofit Program providing 

9 NPU Commercial customers earn $159,091 in rebates for Q1

During the first three months of 2019, nine Commercial customers earned $159,091 in rebates from NPU by investing in energy efficient upgrades and improvements in their businesses. The companies invested a total of $572,116 to modernize and upgrade their operations and facilities and as a result, they will save $195,000 on their annual energy costs. 

Christopher LaRose named Acting General Manager of NPU

At a special meeting of the Norwich Public Utilities Board of Commissioners on November 15, 2018, Christopher LaRose was named Acting General Manager of NPU. Chris LaRose has been with NPU for 21 years, including the past ten years as Assistant General Manager. He’s also held the roles of Utility Engineer, Gas Division Manager, and 

New LED streetlights to save City $358,217 in annual energy costs

NPU project will lead to financial, environmental, and public safety benefits for the community With all 4,982 new LED streetlights installed, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) has completed an important project that will save the City of Norwich $358,217 in annual energy costs. “NPU’s new LED streetlights will provide our community with financial, environmental, and public 

15 Commercial customers earn $154,145 in Q4 rebates

15 Commercial customers of NPU completed efficiency upgrades during 4th quarter 2018, earning $154,145 in rebates by investing in energy efficient upgrades and improvements. Backus Hospital continued to install LEDs throughout their campus for a total Q4 rebate of $3,100 for interior lights and $17,274 for new parking lot lights. Eastern CT Savings Bank (ECSB) 

Is your business ready for extreme winter weather?

So far, this winter season has been pretty mild – if not uneventful. But no one in New England can count on things staying calm for too much longer this winter. By preparing your business ahead of time, you can minimize the impact severe weather might have on your operations, employees, and customers. While Norwich