Public Power Week is October 1-7 this year

Public Power Week is an annual celebration of the American Public Power Association to mark the value and importance that public power providers bring to communities across the United States. So during this year’s Public Power Week, which runs from October 1-7, it is important to remember the many benefits provided to our community through Norwich Public Utilities (NPU).


We are one of 2,000 public power providers in America, from small towns to large cities that deliver reliable and affordable electricity to nearly 50 million Americans every day. Residents of Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle as well as many small towns and tribal nations are served by public power.

Public power utilities are special because they operate under an entirely different business model than an investor-owned utility.

In addition to lower rates and exceptional storm response, NPU has a fully-staffed customer service center and a commitment to addressing questions and concerns in a timely manner. A customer calling us with a question, concern or complaint will speak directly with an employee who works in Norwich every day and who can address any issue promptly.

NPU is owned by the residents of Norwich, not individual or institutional investors. Our Board, which meets in public each month, are members of our community and our employees are always accountable to our customers. Each NPU Board meeting includes an opportunity for the public to comment directly to our Board of Commissioners on any issue or topic.

As part of the City Charter, NPU is required to return 10% of its gross revenues from natural gas, water and electric service to the City’s general fund. Last year, this transfer was nearly $8.7 million and the total over the past ten years is more than $80 million. These funds are used by the City to repair our roads and schools, go to the Norwich Fire and Police Departments and to support the efficient operation of city government.

NPU plays an active role in our community with our support of a wide range of events and organizations, through the volunteer support of our employees, and the long-standing relationship with the United Way and a number of other civic and philanthropic organizations in Norwich.

Please join me in recognizing the men and women of Norwich Public Utilities during Public Power Week this year.