Ten Programs to save you money:

Ten programs to save you money:

NPU offers a variety of programs and rebates to save customers money by lowering energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

  1. Home Energy Savings (HES) – Customers can schedule a free assessment to see how you make your home more energy- Call Lantern Energy at 1-877-878-3006 to schedule an appointment.
  2. Electric water heater rebate – Replace an old, inefficient water heater with an Energy Star certified energy-efficient model and receive a rebate of up to $500.
  3. Window air conditioner rebate – Before purchasing a new window a/c unit, make sure to buy one that’s Energy Star certified and get $60 back from NPU (up to 3 units).
  4. Wall or attic insulation program – NPU customers are eligible for a rebate of up to $1/square foot for wall insulation and up to $1.50/square foot for attic insulation.
  5. CHIPP – Take advantage of NPU’s Cooling and Heating Incentive Pilot Program and receive a rebate of $2,400 per ton when you purchase and install a heat pump system.Enjoy efficient heat in the winter and cooling in summer from one system.
  6. Cool Choice Program – If CHIPP isn’t a fit for you, take advantage of the Cool Choice rebate when you install a high-efficiency central air system or heat pump.
  7. Natural gas heating rebate – NPU offers sizable rebates for the purchase and installation of new, high-efficiency natural gas-fueled boilers or furnaces.
  8. Natural gas water heater rebate Receive a rebate up to $450 by installing an on-demand tankless or indirect-fired water heater.
  9. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) rebate – NPU offers rebates for high-efficiency VFDs for qualifying commercial/industrial customers.
  10. 0% Financing Program – To help offset the cost of making improvements and upgrades to increase energy efficiency, qualifying customers can apply for special financing from one of our lending partners.

Program details and forms are available at norwichpublicutilities.com or call 860-887-2555 for additional information.