NPU nearing the end of a productive gas construction season

The 2022 Construction Season has been very productive for the NPU Gas Division, completing a number of important projects, improving the safety and reliability of our system, and compiling a very strong safety record.

NPU crews and contractors installed 1,800 feet of new gas mains and renewed 101 gas services on Maple Street as part of the Gas Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP). DIMP was established by the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), requiring natural gas distribution companies to develop and implement an integrity management program that identifies potential problems with the distribution system, evaluate and rank the risks, then identify and implement measures to address those risks. It also requires companies to monitor results, evaluate program effectiveness, and report performance results to PHMSA.

As part of NPU’s gas expansion program, over 3,000 feet of new natural gas mains were installed on Otrobando Avenue and Yantic Road for the Hale Mill project. Ten new gas services were also installed.

The annual Leak Survey safety program resulted in over 1,400 completed surveys. Surveying our natural gas infrastructure is a necessary component of DIMP. By using specialized equipment to detect leaks, NPU can schedule necessary maintenance before any serious problems occur.

Facility maintenance is also a component of our Construction Season. NPU completed a new natural gas regulator station on Otrobando Avenue, and completed routine maintenance on 6 of our 11 existing regulator stations. In addition, Field Service crews provided ongoing maintenance, including emergency repair service on HVAC systems on City and Board of Education buildings. This maintenance work results in a significant cost savings and enhanced service to the City of Norwich.

By the end of the 2022 Construction Season, NPU crews and contractors were planning to complete the installation of the gas main to the Hale Mill Project, renew 43 services on Talman Street, renew 1,700 feet of main and 18 services in the Allyn Avenue area, finish the Leak Survey and repair all found leaks, and complete annual maintenance on the 5 remaining regulating stations.