At Norwich Public Utilities, we are very proud of the longstanding and important role we have played in our community since 1904. For more than 112 years, the men and women of NPU have been there for our customers, responding to any imaginable issue or concern, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And it is always nice when our talented employees are recognized by their peers.

For the second consecutive year, a three-man utility crew from Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) has won the annual skills competition held by the Northeast Public Power Association (NEPPA). The 10th annual event attracted 13 teams from across New England to compete in six events and was held at the NEPPA training center in Littleton, MA on September 15-16.

The rodeo consists of six events: hurt man rescue, obstacle course, transformer change-out, speed climb, dead-end 5kV single phase relocation and rope toss.

NPU’s Team One, comprised of Linemen Jeff Burgess, Mike Sumner and Will Maxeiner, was the event’s overall champion and placed first in four of the six events: hurt man rescue, obstacle course, transformer change-out and dead-end 5kV single phase relocation.

NPU’s Team Two, with Scott Smith, Tom Holmes, and Graham Andruskiewicz, also performed very well, placing third in the obstacle course, and dead-end 5kV single phase relocation.

The rodeo is designed to enhance skills and job knowledge, foster strong working relationships, and encourage teamwork while providing a better understanding of utility work for the general public.

We are enormously proud but not the least bit surprised that our employees performed so well at this regional competition. The talent demonstrated by these individuals at the NEPPA Lineworkers Rodeo is developed over years and years of dedicated service on behalf of our customers.