Project earns $15,497 rebate from NPU, City will save more than $11,000 a year

Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) and the Connecticut Tigers have partnered to bring new, energy efficient lighting to the parking lot of Dodd Stadium.

The project, which had a budget of $44,278.39, involved replacing 36 outdated streetlights in the parking lot with high-efficiency LED lights. By choosing higher efficiency equipment, the project was eligible for a rebate of $15,497 from NPU.

In addition to the higher quality lighting, the City of Norwich, the owners of the stadium, will save more than $11,000 on their annual energy bill. The new equipment will decrease the stadium’s electric use by more than 70,000 kilowatt hours each year.

“NPU was happy to work with the Tigers and the Stadium Authority on a project that will have both immediate and long-term benefits,” said Fawn Walker, who manages NPU Key and Commercial Accounts. “The investment in LED lights in the parking lot will improve visibility while using less electricity.”

NPU provides rebates to business customers for replacing traditional incandescent lighting with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and high-efficiency T8 linear fluorescent tubes. Eligible projects receive rebates of 35% from NPU for the purchase of high efficient lamps and ballasts. NPU also offers a 0% interest loan program for lighting upgrades with local lenders.