NPU claims Lineworker Rodeo title for third straight year

NPU Lineworkers Grahm Andruskiewicz (left), Will Bowman (middle), Jim Rogers (right) won the 2018 NEPPA Lineworkers Rodeo in Littleton, MA on September 21, 2018.

For the third consecutive year, a three-man lineworker team from Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) has won the Lineworkers Rodeo, an annual event hosted by the New England Public Power Association (NEPPA) in Littleton, MA on September 20 and 21.

The three NPU lineworkers participating were Grahm Andruskiewicz, Will Bowman and Jim Rogers.

“Time and time again, our lineworkers demonstrate their abilities for the benefit of our community and for those in need through our regular mutual aid efforts,” said John Bilda, General Manager of Norwich Public Utilities. “But last week, our employees showed what they can do in competition with their peers and came out on top – again. Our entire organization is proud of last week’s performance by Grahm, Will and Jim during the NEPPA Rodeo.”

NEPPA’s annual Lineworkers Rodeo features three-person teams competing in six different events. The purpose of each event is to promote safe work practices. The events are:

  • Cutout Change-out
  • Hurt man Rescue
  • Obstacle Course
  • Rope Toss w/Guy Wire Installation
  • Speed Climb
  • Transformer Change-out

The rodeo is designed to enhance skills and job knowledge, foster strong working relationships between public utilities, encourage teamwork, and provide a better understanding of utility work for the public.