NPU Board Gives General Manager Chris LaRose ‘Outstanding’ Evaluation

NORWICH – The NPU Board of Commissioners voted during its March meeting to approve its recent evaluation of General Manager Chris LaRose, calling his performance over the past year as outstanding under even normal circumstances. 

But the Board also praised LaRose’s job in managing the utility through a number of financial and operational challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, LaRose was given a 2% salary increase and a $5,000 bonus in recognition of his efforts as General Manager. 

“During 2020, Chris would have rated as having done an outstanding job in normal circumstances. He led the NPU team in making significant progress toward achieving NPU’s strategic goals and initiated an effective, cost-saving early retirement program. He also led NPU, along with its great employees, to another outstanding storm recovery performance,” said Bob Staley, Chairman of the NPU Board. 

“However, 2020 was anything but a normal year for NPU. Indeed, because of COVID, the related recession and the economic harm imposed on restaurant, hotel, casino and other workers who live or work in Norwich, our revenues declined. Chris worked to reduce or postpone more than $12 million in costs to help NPU weather the economic storm while also balancing a compassionate collection practices with financial prudence,” said Staley. 

“Without question, the past year has been the most challenging in NPU’s history. I am proud to lead such a talented and committed group of employees and believe that we will come out of the pandemic as a stronger and smarter organization. I appreciate the trust the Board has placed in me as we work together to move NPU forward in the years to come,” said LaRose.