NPU approves framework for Inter-Municipal Agreement with Bozrah, Franklin, Lisbon, Preston and Sprague for wastewater capacity

During the September meeting of the Sewer Authority of the City of Norwich, Commissioners approved the framework of a 20-year, inter-municipal agreement with the Towns of Bozrah, Franklin, Lisbon, Preston and Sprague to provide wastewater plant capacity. The towns must now approve individual contracts with NPU through their individual Water Pollution Control Authorities (WPCAs).

Each town will pay the same rates and fees as any Norwich wastewater customer, residential or commercial. It is anticipated that the inter-municipal agreement could generate up to $25 million over the next 20 years that could be used to support capital improvements by the Sewer Authority in Norwich.

All of the parties have worked over the past six years to develop an agreement that outlines a number of terms and conditions:

• The agreement establishes the number of gallons per day of wastewater than can be sent to Norwich. Each town has also reserved additional capacity should their needs increase over the next five years. Meters will be installed in each municipality to monitor usage.

• Any sewer collection or pumping infrastructure constructed within a town that connects to the system in Norwich will be funded and operated by the town.

• Each town will pay the same sewer charges and capital connection fees based on equivalent dwelling units (EDUs) as are charged in Norwich. The current capital connection fee in Norwich is $2,500 per EDU, or approximately 200 gallons per day.

• Each town’s sewer use regulations shall be no less stringent than the regulations in Norwich.

• Each town will be responsible for billing and collecting from their customers the capital costs, sewer usage charges and the costs of operating and maintaining the sewer system within their town.

• Norwich will invoice each town monthly.