It is important to keep the area around your natural gas meter free from snow so that fire departments and
other emergency response agency personnel have access to it in case of an emergency shut-off situation.

When removing snow around gas meters:

• Make sure you know the exact location of your meter before you get started.

• Maintain a safe distance between gas meters and shovels, snow blowers, and other equipment while shoveling.

• NEVER push snow against gas meters, gas piping, or appliance vents and make sure all vents are free of snow or other obstructions.

• NEVER pile snow on top of gas meters, gas piping, or appliance vents.

All natural gas customers should be aware that gas meters that are buried in deep snow or damaged by snow removal equipment could begin to leak. Gas meter leaks are a potentially hazardous situation.

Customers are encouraged to report any problems with their meters to NPU’s gas emergency line at 860-887-7207. If there is a natural gas odor present, exit the premises and call 911 right away. Natural gas has a rotten egg-like odor.