Mayor Deb Hinchey recently submitted an OpEd to the Norwich Bulletin on the steady progress Norwich is making in the critical area of economic development.

The Mayor’s update contains the following:

  • Our collective efforts are helping to set the stage for development and redevelopment within our city – from grants of nearly $1 million to clean up environmentally challenged sites, to $14 million in funding to help the Ponemah Mills project get off the ground.
  • Norwich Public Utilities has added more than 1,700 new natural gas customers, which adds revenue to our General Fund while helping the environment.
  • Our business park is nearly 100% occupied, which is an enormous accomplishment and a reflection of the business climate we are all trying to improve and sustain.
  • Between our Downtown and the Hills at Riverview, Norwich has nearly 100 units of new housing in a relatively small area – all of which will lead to additional economic development opportunities in our city.
  • No one person or group can take credit for the momentum we are building. We are headed in the right direction because we have the right people working together toward a common goal.

Norwich Public Utilities is proud to be playing a role in the ongoing economic development efforts of the City of Norwich and remains committed to making our city a better place to live, work and do business.

The Mayor’s entire OpEd is available here.