INCITE Health & Wellness Center
208 Otrobando Avenue, Norwich

In 1999, during a time of stress and transition in their personal lives, Jeanne Zuzel, a registered nurse, and Tim Zuzel, a retired scientist, began studying holistic health and found that simple energy-based techniques and small lifestyle changes were extremely helpful in managing stress and wellness.

Two years later, Jeanne and her husband launched INCITE Health & Wellness Center, which helps clients with a variety of issues from acute and chronic pain, to stress and lifestyle challenges.

INCITE offers a range of lifestyle management services and classes that include Yoga, Healing Touch Therapy, Reflexology and Wellness Counseling.

The therapies offered are also helpful in managing pre- and post-surgery pain, wound healing, insomnia, the discomforts of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and side effects of chemotherapy.

“I am continually gratified when clients tell me how easy and effective our therapies can be,” said Jeanne, who has been in her current location since 2009.

Jeanne has worked with NPU on lighting upgrades for her business and has been very pleased with the changes, allowing her to save money and energy every month.

“It is wonderful to have a utility company that is so focused on customer service,” said Jeanne.

To learn more about INCITE Health & Wellness and the services they offer, please visit their website