Does NPU’s 0% Loan Program work for your business?

Qualified commercial customers of NPU can secure zero-percent financing for their efficiency projects, making improvements that will reduce energy costs every month. LED lighting projects are eligible for a rebate of 25% of the project costs.

And here’s the best part: you pay the principle on your loan – NPU pays the interest.

To participate in NPU’s 0% Loan Program, Commercial or Industrial customers must meet the following qualifications:

  • Your project must be reviewed and approved by NPU’s Efficiency Team
  • You must secure financing with one of our local, partner banks
    • Charter Oak Credit Union
    • Dime Bank
    • Community Economic Development Fund
    • Chelsea Groton Bank
    • Eastern Savings Bank
    • Savings Institute Bank & Trust
  • The terms of your loan must be for seven years or fewer.

Customers participating in NPU’s 0% Loan Program can apply their monthly energy savings toward their loan.

Six Simple Steps for NPU’s 0% Loan Program

  1. Contact Contact Mary Lou Rychling, Program Office Manager at 860.823.4143 or at NPU must approve the scope of your project and calculate the projected energy savings and timeframe for the repayment of your loan (seven years or fewer).
  2. Select one of our local lending partners. NPU has partnered with a number of local financial institutions who are very familiar with this program.
  3. NPU reviews your project. Once you have selected a local lender and started the loan application process, NPU will confirm the scope and schedule of your project.
  4. Schedule an inspection with NPU. Once your project is complete, NPU must do a final inspection to confirm your project meets all of the terms and conditions of our agreement.
  5. With the successful completion of your project, NPU will provide a rebate check, which can be applied directly to the cost of your project. LED lighting projects are eligible for rebates of 25% of the cost of your project.
  6. Loan released to the customer. NPU will notify your lending partner that the project loan can be released:
  • The customer will be billed monthly for the payment of the principle of the loan
  • NPU will be billed annually for the payment of the interest of the loan.

For more information, contact Mary Lou Rychling at 860.823.4143 or at