NPU supports Cultural Coalition

The Cultural Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Norwich, and helps to improve the economy, vitality, and quality of life in Eastern Connecticut by supporting the arts, cultural, and creative community. They are helping manage and administer $500,000 of Norwich’s ARPA funding for arts and culture to support economic recovery and address the impact of the pandemic.

The Cultural Coalition includes representatives from Castle Church, Reliance Health, Norwich Community Development Corporation, Global City Norwich, City of Norwich, NPU, and the Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce.  These partners all understand the value of the role public art plays in creating a vibrant city for residents, businesses and visitors. Additionally, a part-time Norwich Arts & Culture Coordinator was hired to support the Coalition and assist with managing the City’s share of ARPA funds dedicated for use for local arts and culture.

For more information on Norwich ARPA funding on arts and culture, please visit the Norwich ARPA webpage,,  or email Sarbani Hazra.