Call Before You Dig

With spring finally here, outdoor home improvement projects, including shrubs and gardens, will be getting more attention. Before you start any outdoor project that requires digging, Call Before You Dig.

Do you know what may be in the ground where you are planning to install a deck, a tree or a new mailbox post? Did you know there could be natural gas pipelines, water lines or electrical wires buried under the surface of your yard?

Don’t take chances.

Contact Call Before You Dig at 8-1-1 to ensure that the area you plan to dig is clear of any underground utility. By making one phone call, your local utility company, phone company and cable company will be notified by CBYD and will mark out the locations of any wires or pipelines buried in the area where you
plan to work.

For more information about the Call Before You Dig program, visit or call 811.