The City of Norwich is a unique place – we’re known for a lot of our history, and also our vibrant and multi-cultural community. We’re definitely a city and we still have the feel of a small town in many ways.

And now, despite the complexity and challenges of engaging in the operations of our city, there is a simple way for more of our residents to share their ideas and opinions with our municipal government.

Since October, the City of Norwich has been utilizing a community engagement tool known as Envision No wich 360 that I believe can be a helpful and effective way for public officials and our residents to interact. Not everyone has the ability, time, or patience to attend a City Council meeting, and Facebook conversations can veer off into any number of irrelevant, personal or petty distractions.

Envision Norwich 360 provides Norwich residents with a place and a means to voice their opinions, share their ideas and perspectives, and help your elected and appointed officials make Norwich a better place to live, work, and play.

See for yourself by visiting

While the Envision Norwich 360 site has some similarities with Facebook, it is more organized and provides opportunities for focused discussions. The site provides links to information on current initiatives but also has a place to share ideas. Recent suggestions range from a new movie theater or grocery store to ideas on bringing more and better housing to Norwich.

The site is managed by a small number of officials from the City and the Norwich Community Development Corporation (NCDC). I visit the site regularly and enjoy reading the ideas and perspectives from my community.

A good idea can come from almost anyone at any time, and I know there are a lot of very smart, committed, and creative people in the Rose City. Do you have a new approach to an old challenge in our city? Is there a different way to look at an issue that might be holding Norwich back? The Envision Norwich 360 site is an easy and effetive way to share your thoughts and ideas. NCDC will be hosting workshops to introduce the public to this important new tool in the New Year; it is my hope that more and more of our residents will engage with their City government – and each other – in 2023 and beyond.

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