9 Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers of Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) took advantage of the Lighting Retrofit Program and received $122,629 in rebates during the fourth quarter of 2014. For all of 2014, 28 customers participating in the program completing 33 projects throughout the year and earned $367,387 in rebates.

NPU provides rebates to C&I customers for replacing traditional incandescent lighting with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and high-efficiency linear fluorescent tubes. NPU customers receive rebates of 35% of the purchase of the more efficient light bulbs.

NPU C&I customers awarded rebates in October, November and December of 2014 were:

Surplus Unlimited
Norwichtown Veterinarian Hospital
Properties by P&D
Backus Hospital
Viking Fuel
Lord Properties
RoseGarden Ice Arena

Collectively, these customers will save more than $125,000 each year on their utility bills by converting their old lights to more energy-efficient lighting. The average payback on the investment made by these customers converting to the high tech lighting is 2.5 years.

To learn more about these programs, contact Fawn Walker, NPU’s Efficiency Programs Coordinator at 860.823.4153.