$109,150 rebated to customers for switching to energy-efficient lighting

Thirteen Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers of NPU participated in the Lighting Retrofit Program and earned $109,150 in rebates for the fourth quarter of 2015. These customers will also save more than $82,000 annually on their energy bills as a result of installing more efficient interior and exterior lighting.

“We are very pleased with the continued success of our commercial efficiency programs,” said Fawn Walker, NPU’s Energy Efficiency Programs Coordinator. “With a little bit of time and effort, companies can save money and energy every month while earning a nice rebate from NPU just by switching to more energy-efficient lighting.”

The three largest rebates were awarded to Falvey’s Chrysler & Collision ($21,418), Leiser Realty / Staples Plaza ($17,492), and Integrated Day Charter School ($23,767).

NPU provides rebates to business customers for replacing traditional incandescent lighting with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and high-efficiency T8 linear fluorescent tubes. NPU customers receive rebates of 35% for the purchase of high efficient lamps and ballasts. To learn more about these programs, contact Fawn Walker at 860.823.4153.