Available to all metered customers, whether Residential, Commercial or Industrial. Rates effective for all bills rendered on or after January 1, 2018.

Applicable to the following rates: WRES, WCOM, WIND, WNPU, WPUB

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Customer Charge, Per Month

The monthly customer charge shall be determined by the size of the customer’s meter installation as follows:


Size of MeterCharge
5/8 inch $20.29
1 inch $37.72
1-1/4 inch $92.28
1-1/2 inch$92.28
2 inch$162.11
3 inch$305.46
4 inch $545.96
6 inch $1,080.40
8 inch & over $1,597.60

Private Fire Line

Private Fire Line: Billed monthly based on the size of the unmetered fire connection(s) to NPU water mains.


ConnectionRate per Month
3 or 4" connection 1st connection$26.10
-Each additional connection$18.13
6" connection 1st connection$54.40
-Each additional connection $30.55
8" connection 1st connection $91.19
-Each additional connection$60.64
10" connection 1st connection $96.37
-Each additional connection$63.99
12" connection 1st connection $138.86
-Each additional connection $92.22
Private Hydrants: Rate per Month



All meter sizes $3.72 per 100 Cubic Foot (CCF)

Water Capital Tracker

WATER CAPITAL TRACKER: A charge will be applied to all billed CCF consumption to recover the costs of investment in Capital Infrastructure. This charge will be reviewed and adjusted periodically as necessary through applicable rate adjustment processes and procedures to reflect the funding needs of specific capital projects as approved by the Board of Public Utilities Commissioners. This tracker will reflect all applicable taxes.


Water Capital Tracker: @$0.800/CCF

MINIMUM CHARGE: The minimum charge is the Customer Charge.

All active water accounts having no water use charges will be billed a minimum charge. This minimum charge covers costs associated with service requirements, including metering, maintenance and infrastructure costs.

LATE CHARGE FEE: A penalty charge equal to 1.5% of the unpaid balance compounded monthly is added to all bills not paid within 25 days of the billing date.

Rates effective for all bills rendered on or after January 1, 2018.