Norwich Public Utilities (NPU)

A municipally owned utility serving Norwich, CT with
natural gas, electricity, water and sewer services.

Natural Gas

Rates effective for bills rendered on and after July 1, 2016


Gas Card

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AVAILABILITY: Gas service for all year-round use in the dwelling and appurtenances of a single private family for its household requirements.


Customer Charge:


Commodity Charge:


First 30 Ccf/month


All over 30 Ccf/month


Gas Capital Tracker


PURCHASED GAS ADJUSTMENT: The Purchased Gas Adjustment Rate (PGA) will be applied to all Ccf billed. See the latest PGA to the right.

GAS EFFICIENCY FUND: A charge will be applied to all billed Ccf consumption to recover the costs of investment in gas efficiency and load reduction initiatives through the NPU Gas Efficiency Fund.

MINIMUM CHARGE: The minimum charge shall be the Customer Service Charge of $16.34 per month.

PENALTY: A monthly penalty charge equal to 1.5% of the unpaid balance not paid within 25 days of the billing date.


Electric, Sewer, Water: 860-887-2555
Natural Gas: 860-887-7207
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