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Thursday, 19 May 2016 11:19

NPU marks World Fish Migration Day

Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) is marking World Fish Migration Day on Saturday, May 21, 2016, with a demonstration of its ‘fish elevator’ at it is Tenth Street Hydro Facility, which will be open to the public between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) has scheduled the flushing of its water system for spring, 2016. The work will begin during the week of April 11 and is expected to be complete before June 1st.

NPU will flush its water system by opening hydrants throughout its service area with an initial focus on areas outside of Norwich, including Lebanon and Bozrah. Once complete, the flushing will take place throughout Norwich until the end of May (complete schedule below).

In almost all instances, this work will take place between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm.

The flushing of a water system on a regular basis helps remove sediments that build up within the pipes and ensures that NPU customers will be delivered water with sufficient oxygen, disinfectant levels and acceptable taste and smell.

During and immediately after the flushing of the NPU water system, customers may experience a slight and short-term discoloration of their water. Customers are advised to open their cold water tap and allow the water to run for a few minutes at full velocity which should resolve the issue. It is possible for these issues to arise anywhere on the NPU water system while the flushing process is underway.

For any concerns, customers are encouraged to contact the NPU Customer Service Center at 860.887.2555.

Schedule for flushing of NPU waster system – 2016:

  • West Town Street, Clinton Avenue, Sturtevant Street and Town Street
  • Washington Street and Broadway towards Chelsea Harbor
  • Boswell Avenue and North Main Street through Greenville and Norwich Avenue into Taftville
  • Canterbury Turnpike and Harland Road into Occum
  • East Main Street and Hamilton Ave.
  • Laurel Hill Avenue and Route 12 into Preston
  • From Stony Brook Plant along Salem Turnpike and West Main Street towards center of Norwich
  • West Thames Street toward Montville including Dunham Street and New London Turnpike


by John Bilda

Norwich Public Utilities recently presented its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2017 to our Board of Commissioners. If approved, most NPU customers would see lower bills through a decreased electric rate while we make important investments in our infrastructure, with a particular focus on our water and wastewater facilities.

As part of this year’s budget, NPU will return $8.6 million to the City of Norwich General Fund, an increase of $866,841 – or 11% - from last year. This is the equivalent of reducing all tax bills in Norwich by 5 mills. And over the past ten years, NPU has returned more than $77 million to the taxpayers of Norwich.

Under our proposed budget, our headcount would be essentially flat, with 149 rate-funded positions, which is 20% smaller than the workforce we had in the 1990s.

Our budget proposes adjustments to our rates: electric, the largest component of most bills, would decrease by more than 4% while natural gas would be flat. Water and sewer rates, the smaller component of most bills, would increase.

The bottom line is this: if you receive only natural gas and electricity from NPU, your bills will decrease. If you are a four-service customer, your bill will increase by less than 3.5%, or about $13 a month, which is 43 cents a day.

We propose investing $4.7 million in our water infrastructure which will help us to avoid the many serious issues that have become a crisis in Flint, Michigan. We also propose investing $2.5 million in our wastewater treatment system, continuing to take proactive steps so we respond to fewer emergencies.

If approved, NPU’s electric rate would be 10% lower than investor-owned utilities in Connecticut and our natural gas rates would be essentially the same. Our water and sewer rates would be very competitive – not the highest and not the lowest - when compared to other communities in the region. And we do not know of any other provider of water and wastewater services that is proposing to make investments on the scale the NPU has envisioned for the next several years.

We understand that rate increases are never popular. But in this case, we feel strongly that the adjustments we have proposed are both reasonable and sensible, given the importance of safe water and wastewater services to our community and our future.

John Bilda is the General Manager of Norwich Public Utilities.



NORWICH – With temperatures expected to plunge to dangerous levels over the next few days, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) is reminding customers of a few simple tips to keep themselves and their homes safe.

“While we want all our customers to stay safe and warm this weekend, we are also reminding folks to keep an eye out for their neighbors, particularly older members of our community, in the very cold days ahead,” said John Bilda, General Manager of NPU. “As always, we are ready to respond to any emergency, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.”

In light of this weekend’s difficult weather, NPU offer the following tips:

• To keep your pipes from freezing, open your faucet to allow a just a slow drip of water to come out during the coldest part of the day and overnight.

• Never use your oven to heat your home.

• When using portable space heaters, make sure the unit is at least three feet away from furniture, drapery and other flammable items.

• Never use an extension cord to plug in a space heater.

• Never leave a space heater unattended; turn it off when leaving the room or going to bed.

• Make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector and smoke detectors installed in your home.

For customers using a fireplace, it is important to keep the following common sense guidelines in mind:

• Be sure to have your fireplace inspected before using it for the first time each year.

• Make sure to use a spark screen or glass doors to prevent sparks from flying into the room.

• Empty ashes from your fireplace into a metal container when cool, and never store the container inside your home or any structure.

• If you have a fireplace that is no longer used, be sure the damper is closed, or block the fireplace flue with a piece of cardboard or plywood to prevent the heated air in your home from escaping up the chimney.

NPU has contracted with Osmose to conduct utility pole inspections throughout the Norwichtown area.  Technicians from Osmose will be driving a white Chevy Silverado pickup truck with a NY license plate, and will be identified as a contractor working for NPU.  If you have any questions, please contact Bob Pounch at 860-823-4155.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 11:10

NEWWA honors NPU with Prestigious Award


The New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) has awarded Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) the George C. Whipple Award which recognizes excellence in protecting the public from waterborne contamination and assuring public health.

Thursday, 11 June 2015 11:48

NPU Breaks Ground on New CNG Station

Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) has broken ground on a new $1.8 million compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling station, a project funded in large part through a grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

The new fueling station, located adjacent to the Shell Gas station at 168 West Town Street, is in close proximity to I-395, Route 2 and the Stanley Israelite Business Park.

Day encourages and promotes individual, community responsibility for dam safety

Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) will mark National Dam Safety Awareness Day on May 31, a date that commemorates the failure of the South Fork Dam in Jamestown, Pennsylvania in 1889. The dam failure resulted in the loss of more than 2,200 lives and was the worst dam failure in United States history.

American Public Power Association recognizes utility for providing customers with highest degree of reliable and safe electric service

Norwich Public Utility (NPU) is among a select group of public power utilities to earn the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation from the American Public Power Association (APPA), which made the announcement on May 18.

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