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Friday, 08 December 2017 11:07

NPU completing Let Us In - You Might Win Campaign to promote natural gas inspection & safety program

As part of its annual natural gas inspection and safety program, Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) is offering more than 4,500 customers in the East Side, Greeneville, Laurel Hill and Taftville sections of Norwich and approximately 60 customers in Preston a chance to win one of five $500 credits that will be applied to their account for the next year.

Federal safety regulations require NPU and all natural gas providers inspect their meters once every three years in residential areas and every year in commercial areas. With more than 50% of NPU’s natural meters inside the homes of its customers, achieving the required 100% has proven to be a challenge.

And while more than 95% of the surveys are complete, approximately 200 meters remain to be inspected. For NPU to be in full compliance with the federal safety regulation, these remaining customers must allow NPU to inspect their natural gas meter – a process that typically takes less than 10 minutes. In return, they’ll be entered into the Let Us In – You Might Win drawing.

“Inspecting a natural gas meter is a quick and easy transaction for the vast majority of our customers,” said John Bilda, General Manager of NPU. “By providing incentives this year, we’re hoping to save time and money while raising awareness for the importance of regular natural gas meter inspections.”

The Let Us In – You Might Win drawing entries will be submitted as follows:

·         NPU has already inspected all customers with meters on the outside of their homes and nearly all with outside meters; these customers have been entered into the contest;   

·         The remaining 200 customers with meters inside their home must schedule an appointment for an inspection; they will be entered into the contest once their inspection is completed.

The biggest challenge for NPU each year is scheduling safety inspections for a small number of meters located inside residences who do not provide NPU with access right away, despite extensive efforts that include:

            Mailed postcard

            Home visit / door knock with information left behind

            Phone call      

            2nd mailed postcard

            Final home visit / door knock with information left behind

Starting in January, 2018, if these efforts have not resulted in the scheduling and completion of an inspection of the natural gas meter, NPU will assess a $25 meter access charge to the customer’s bill until access is granted. Landlords will be billed for apartment buildings where access is not granted.

And if after six months of the $25 meter access charge does not result in a scheduled and competed natural gas meter inspection, NPU will terminate natural gas service as required by law.  The service will remain off until the customer contacts NPU to complete an inspection.   

The $500 credits will be applied to the accounts of the winners, who will be randomly chosen from a pool of completed inspections. NPU employees and their families are not eligible to win.

NPU will announce the winner of the contest upon the completion of this year’s inspection later this month.

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